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PP electric tank

Update date:2012-10-28 11:08:01
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Category:Electroplating bath tank serial products > PP electric tank
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Product details

1. Performance
Resistant to corrosion and rust, portable, can endure the high temperature, aging resistant, long service life, good surface finish and heat-stability, low heat-melt rate, smooth surface, approved by the food certification authority.
Chemistry and chemical industry storage tanks manufacturing and processing, the high-acidity and high-alkali solution storage vessels, building materials, electron electroplating equipment containers, experiment equipments and vessels, general processing apparatus, washer, air-filtering system, conduit system, exhaust gas treatment cleaning system, circuit printing board pickling equipments, electroplating tank, medical application components, computer digital-processing center and precision equipment components.
Chemical treatment, surface treatment, medical, bioscience.
4.Products Description
Thickness: 3 mm-30mm; color: natural, grey, white.
5. Provide customized products in accordance with clients’ requirements.