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Chemical Solution Filtering Machine

Update date:2012-10-30 20:18:56
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Product details

1. Filtering machine body and foot stand are designed in mould style producing way and install the reinforced sticks around the body.
2. The materials of filtering machine body can be PP、CPVC、PVDF、TA, the properties of solution acid & alkali density and temperature, emitting formation. 
3. Can adopt the self-suction or magnetic-driving pump, the glandless magnetic-driving pump can efficiently avoid the idling leakage.
4. The motor hood can make sure the motor free from the corrosion of acid air.
5. Suitable for electroplating fluid, chemical solution, pure water cycling filter. Various filtering materials and types for you to choose such as filter element, multilayer filter element, filter paper, filter bag, easy to operate.
6. High-precise filter, wide filtering area, high efficient, easy to wash.
7. Provide titanium clamps group
8. Standard Accessories: entrance union and flange (including shim and PVC screws).
9. Accessories for Purchasing: switch (including hood), bottom valve or check valve, water flow viewer, entrance flexible pipe, filter bag, etc.